*You’ll never catch Tyler Perry on a break.

He’s working on a new project with Viola Davis, “Steel Town” starring Davis, Maggie, Gyllenhaal, Holly Hunter and Rosie Perez.

But they haven’t got all the pieces they need. The pair is looking for background actors for a three-day shoot in Pittsburgh.

Perry’s team wrote: “We are looking for the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, African-American men in all shades!”

The casting call is for Perry’s next TV venture, “For Better or Worse,” based on the hit movie Why Did I Get Married? The show will be based on the film’s characters Marcus and Angela, played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith.

In the casting call, Perry stresses the aesthetic over the performance value. The notice reads:

“If you have models, submit them! If you represent professional sports athletes who are in great physical condition, submit them! Do not let their acting ability stop you from submitting them! This is a role that is currently being developed and we do not have material.”