Cee Lo and Rihanna

*According to Billboard, Cee Lo Green says he’s leaving the tour due to his commitments as a judge on the NBC reality TV show “The Voice,” as well as working on a new album and writing a book.

“He always puts 100 percent into his work and with the requirements and time commitment to ‘The Voice,’ on top of heading back into the recording studio and an upcoming book,” a statement from Green’s publicist said. “He feels that he wouldn’t give his fans the show that they deserve.”

Coincidentally, Green’s performance on the show was called into question by a Minnesota based critic which cased him to respond with what was thought of as a homophobic response via Twitter. After the resulting firestorm, Green apologized to Andrea Swensson.

Reportedly rappers J. Cole and B.o.B. will continue on the tour with Rihanna.