*CBN.com reported that the police department and churches are working side by side in Chesapeake, Va., to transform depressed communities, as part of a program known as “Serve the City.”

Since the program began, crime has dropped and hearts are being changed.

Yolande Chapman, 35, is standing in her kitchen surrounded by new cabinets, thanks to volunteers with the Serve the City.

“This is clean!” exclaimed Dante, Chapman’s young son.

A cabinet makeover is not all the group has done free of charge for the single mother of four who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“I had a major hole in the ceiling,” Chapman said. The hole had been there for several months from unrepaired water leaks in the house.

“It was like this big,” her son chimed in.In its place is a beautiful new textured ceiling. Chapman, who has lived in the community all her life, said Serve the City volunteers have not only transformed her once-barely inhabitable house, their constant giving has changed her life.

“I am very, very honored and very, very grateful for Serve the City,” she told CBN News.

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