*CNN Anchor Don Lemon was met with overwhelming criticism after he came out of the closet a couple weeks ago as an openly gay black man.

He made remarks concerning black women and he has been paying ever since.  He made the remark that black women are saying the same thing about him as they say about black men that date white women. That unleashed a hellstorm of “Oh no you di’nt!”

Lemon says that he stands behind what he said and the only reason he didn’t say anything sooner is because he feared his career would be in jeopardy. He talked about women still being in love with him and one woman said, “”I don’t care if you’re gay, I still want to marry you. I can still fantasize, because I wasn’t in a relationship with you before, so I’m going to keep my fantasy going.”

He has also written a memoir entitled, “Transparent”.  And just as his book cover reads, he is indeed living out loud and taking no prisoners.  (Read more here.)