Douge E. Fresh's sons Solomon 'Trips' Davis and Dayquan 'Slim' Davis

*Doug E. Fresh has some prodigies who are ready to follow in their daddy’s footsteps.

20-year-old Solomon “Trips” Davis and 22-year-old Dayquan “Slim” Davis, known collectively as Square Off, have without a doubt been influenced by their father and other pioneering rappers like Grandmaster Caz and Big Daddy Kane.

“We got to rap with Big Daddy Kane. A lot of new school artists copy his flow but don’t know who he is. My father says new artists don’t know where hip-hop came from,” Trips told DNAinfo.

Possibly the youngsters are right and maybe they’ll have a chance to educate their peers through music.

The brothers have a new album in the works and a newly-released mixtape currently in circulation. They call their style, “new old school.”

“I feel like we are nothing like today’s artists. Our style and the way we do music is different. It’s a new sound like when Drake came into the game he brought a new sound,” said Trips.

The pair call themselves multidimensional artists in that they are very versatile and know how to adjust to the wave of music. They say they get that from their daddy.

In fact, their business knack and understanding of the industry has set them light-years ahead of any other young artist.

“I have an encyclopedia in my crib, and he can teach me things about the business because he has done it. A lot of the artists i look up to have come to him and asked for advice,” said Slim. “The biggest thing I learned is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work.”

Square Off, will be celebrating the release of their first album, “Money, Moet & Memories” soon.