*NewsOne is reporting that after settling his sexual misconduct case out of court in order to avoid trial, one source says Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church may be at its wits end with the embattled bishop.

The source in the site’s investigation cites three proofs (“strikes”) as to why New Birth may soon find itself in uncharted water.

The first indication, according to the report, is church elders are leaving and turning their backs on Long citing the recent resignation of Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest daughter.

The reports says her exit signifies that many other senior members in the church will soon follow suit.

The second indication according to NewsOne’s source is that the revenue in the church has plummeted “forcing the church to make drastic cutbacks.”

The source says the church has let go two full-time employees and cut salaries by 10 percent because of this reduction in ‘love offerings.’

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