*Maybe music labels are beginning to develop resentment toward Twitter, being that celebrities and singers show no regard to the company they represent.

Singer Erykah Badu tweeted “Motown folded” on Wednesday afternoon.

You already know what the label was doing from there.

What really happened was the label’s executive Slyvia Rhone, the Universal Motown president, left not too long ago. So folks thought maybe the tweet was true.

“They are searching for someone to bring in a senior creative role,” a label rep told Billboard. “If it’s someone that’s really creative-oriented, then it might be a different title, but if they find someone creative with business qualifications, then it could be president.”

As a result of the statement, Badu came back with a little bit of her Baduizm and redressed the comment she made, tweeting:

There must have been a better verb I could have used. ‘folded’ seems a little … I don’t know, cowardly, huh? honest mistake.

So all in all, Motown still float amidst the seemingly mangled mess currently festering in the offices of the label.