Jill Scott attends the 2nd Annual Mary J. Blige Honors Concert at Hammerstein Ballroom on May 1, 2011 in New York City

*Jill Scott’s new album “The Light of the Sun,” her first since departing Hidden Beach Recordings for a label deal with Warner Bros., finally drops tomorrow with tracks produced by music veteran Terry Lewis, as well as JR Hutson and Justice League.

In an exclusive interview with EUR’s Lee Bailey, the singer says her fourth studio album came together a bit more organically than her previous work.

“Normally I’m kind of held on by the pen and pad, but this time it was really just a freeing experience,” she says. “I just stood in front of a microphone and allowed what came out of my mouth to come without questioning it or second-writing it.

“That’s pretty much how the entire album went down. From the first verse to the last hook, it all came out in one thought. I feel like I blacked out and came back. Something in my spirit was like, ‘Okay girl, I’m gonna help you tell the truth whether you want to or not.’”

Jill Scott - The Light of The Sun

That truth rings throughout the set’s first single “So In Love,” a duet with Anthony Hamilton. Scott says she loved the Hamilton-penned track as soon as it was first passed to her from Hidden Beach’s former VP of A&R Charles Whitfield.  But, Jill’s own love life was so opposite from the lyrics that she didn’t believe she had the emotional truth to add her stamp to the song.

“I got the track, loved the music, loved his voice on it – love that man’s voice anyway – but I just didn’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings, so it was just hard for me to even try to sing ‘So In Love,’” she told us. “So I waited until I had a couple of warm and fuzzy feelings, and then I wrote. It took me about a year.”

The single, released April 26, went on to debut at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart, making it the highest entry of her career on that tally. (It has since peaked at number 11.)

Asked about the warmth she maintains throughout the song’s music video, Scott says, “I had recently experienced a warm and fuzzy feeling, and I used that to get through the video.” [Scroll down to watch.]

Jill released three previous studio albums on Hidden Beach before signing a distribution deal with Warner Bros. in March. There were reports at the time that things got real messy between the two parties. They ended up settling a tumultuous legal battle which found Jill countersuing the label’s claim that she exited halfway through a six-album deal in 2010.

In the bonus audio below, she details what really happened with Hidden Beach, and explains why she’s being so hush -hush about her own independent label.

Jill Scott on her label deal with Warner Bros and why she left Hidden Beach by CherieNic