*Rapper Nelly is refuting claims that he uses cocaine and steroids and is having financial problems.   Nelly accuses promoter Loose Cannon S.L.I.M as the source of the rumors.

“First, if you believe Slim was my manager, then this is pointless anyway. Second, don’t nothing go in this body but fish, chicken, turkey, protein, ROZAY, Ciroc, Remy and Budweiser! Third, I know some hoping that foreclosure
statement is true, but I’m sorry, ‘epic fail!’ Anytime anyone in STL wanna match deeds or pinkslips.  HOLLA! #FACTS,” read a tweet from Nelly.

All of this back and forth banter have resulted in a Twtter feud between the two. S.L.I.M. staunchly defends himself in the aftermath of the ugly war of words.

“They acting like I started it, and I’m doing it for publicity, but this n—- is the one doing it for publicity,” S.L.I.M. says. “When is the last time Mediatakeout, SOHH.com, or any of them other sites talked about this n—-? I don’t need that n—- for nothing. So for him to act like I’m trippin’ off him or need him at the game and he wasn’t invited, that’s when
he went on his rant as a hater. So that’s why I defended myself.”

Nelly and S.L.I.M. have collaborated in the past with the promoter hosting events for the rapper. That relationship has now soured pretty badly.

“This n—- tried to lie on me and said I was from Atlanta,” S.L.I.M. says. “Then he said I owe him some money. If you all want to know the truth, I have 100K for this n—- to take a lie detector test that I owe him money or
that everything I said wasn’t true, except for the $14 part. “