Tiffany Green with Terrence J. at the 2011 BET Awards in Los Angeles, June 26, 2011

*Through no fault of her own, a random BET fan had an awkward moment at Sunday’s BET Awards – and executive producer Stephen Hill has come forward to take 100 percent of the blame.

The fan, Tiffany Green, got the chance of a lifetime to present the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award, but when it came time to announce the winner, she somehow said the wrong name during the live telecast. Instead of announcing Rihanna featuring Drake the winner for their song “What’s My Name,” she at first said Chris Brown was the winner — and then had to correct her mistake.

When Drake took the stage, he said, “Well this is awkward.”

But later, BET tweeted that Brown was in fact the actual winner — meaning the presenter had it right the first time.

But the damage was done. A flurry of “WTF just happened?” tweets hit the Twitterverse, some blaming the fan, others the teleprompter, and some figuring BET must’ve told her the wrong name. The latter, according to Hill, is what caused the snafu.

Part of the problem, he says, was the technology that gave presenters the winner through tablets. The tablet had Chris Brown as the correct winner, but Hill called an audible, believing for some reason that it was a mistake and Rihanna had won the award.

Green, herself, tweeted after the flub: “The tablet [expletive] said CHRIS BROWN….the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the [expletive]??????”

Hill tells EUR exclusively: “I reacted to information that I made a judgment call on, that was wrong information.”

Listen to Hill’s full explanation to EUR’s Lee Bailey below:

BET’s Stephen Hill explains Viewer’s Choice Award mixup by CherieNic