*Alicia Keys is serious about her work… all of it.

The singer hosted her annual Black Ball charity event in London last week to help raise money for her Keep A Child Alive foundation. All invited special guests showed up, but one.

Keys had no problem calling this flaky someone out when he didn’t follow through with his commitment.

#Blackball Uk was a TREMENDOUS Success!!!!” she wrote. “but one question…what kind of person bails on 15million orphans…#GEORGEMICHEAL???? ;-(,”

Yeah, 80s star, George Michael didn’t come through, but he had an “excuse.” According to him, had a toothache.

Hi boyz n girls…bad news im afraid. This tooth ain’t getting better in time for tonight, not enough to sing anyway,” he wrote to more than 180,000 of his Twitter followers.

Maybe Keys, who recently celebrated a decade on the music scene, wasn’t aware of the toothache, or maybe she didn’t care. Or maybe he didn’t even bother telling her. Regardless, she wasn’t happy especially with her singing his praise previously, before the event commenced:

“I’m honored that George has lent his voice to our KCA cause and I’m so excited that he’s singing for us at the Black Ball in London,” she said in a previous statement. “It’s going to be an amazing night!”