Idris Elba as Det. John Luther in BBC America's "Luther"

*As previously reported, Idris Elba is returning to BBC America this fall for Season 2 of his critically-acclaimed series “Luther.”

If you haven’t seen it, but love you some Idris and are planning to give it a try, you have until Oct. 5 to find BBC America on your cable system and get acquainted with season 1 on DVD.  You won’t regret putting in the work.

Elba plays John Luther, a brilliant but self-destructive murder detective who is constantly battling his own demons.  In the first episode of the first season, his brilliance is put in check by the equally-genius Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), a psychopath who Luther knows murdered her parents.

Unlikely Pair: Elba and Wilson as Luther and Alice Morgan

And Alice knows that he knows she committed the crime, but they both understand that he will never be able to prove it in front of a jury – she’s that good.  And he’s that impressed.

Their relationship can only be described as Hannibal Lector/Clarice Starling in “Silence of the Lambs” (with Alice as Hannibal, of course) meets  Jennifer Lopez/George Clooney in “Out of Sight.” They have this weird, sexy, attraction that appears to be stroked by their mutual respect of each other’s high-functioning brain.

“Luther’s fascination of Alice is, it gives him an opportunity to understand himself a little bit,” Elba told EUR last August before the premiere of Season 1. “He’s fascinated how well she constructed her crime but obviously not well enough to elude him, but — to elude the law, which, for all intents and purposes, Luther has to do in terms of trying to break down the procedural act of catching criminals, bad criminals.

“Luther has to break the law as well. And then there’s sort of a meeting of the minds, and maybe perhaps some therapy for Luther’s character because he doesn’t get to release much – and he can with Alice.”

Alice (left, in a wig disguise) threatens Luther's Wife


Season 2 begins with Luther returning to police work in the wake of his wife’s brutal murder. His old unit has gone and he’s now part of the newly-formed Serious and Serial Unit, headed by former police complaints officer Martin Schenk.  Luther quickly assembles his team, rescuing his old partner Detective Justin Ripley (Warren Brown) from uniform. It’s not long before they’re dealing with their first case – a masked man who carries out ritualistic murders in historic locations throughout London, working his way up to one final masterpiece.

"Luther's" Ruth Wilson and Idris Elba discuss the show at the Summer 2010 TCA Press Tour in Pasadena, CA