*First Coast News reported that the Jacksonville Veteran’s Memorial Arena on Saturday was filled with a crowd of excited worshippers and prayers for the Global Day of Prayer program.

Anthony Stephens was thrilled to be at the arena with many members of his church. He had extra tickets, so he was holding them up in the air in front of the arena… but he wasn’t scalping them.

“Oh, no.  I’m going to give them away. Someone will want to get in. It’s two free tickets,”  Stephens said.

Outside, horns — like those mentioned in the Bible — beckoned people to come inside.

Inside, the arena bubbled over with dance, song, and prayer.

Organizers expected about 10,000 people to attend the program at the arena.

Jim Young is one of the local organizers for the Global Day of Prayer. He said, “We’re inviting all Christians from every denomination, all protestants and all Catholics to come together and be one, united.”

The program was broadcast LIVE to 220 nations.  It’s a first for the River City.

The Global Day of Prayer started years ago by in South Africa by Graham Power, a Christian.

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