gloria govan

*Seems there is no end to all of these “wives” reality shows. And would you believe a new “Basketball Wives: LA” show will soon begin shooting staring Gloria Govan (pictured).

According to reports, the show will premiere as season 3 of the “Basketball Wives” comes to a close. Also, the original series may be renamed “Basketball Wives: Miami.”

Also keep in mind, the new show might have it’s own snags since there are rumors Laura Govan had an affair with Shaq, resulting in his and Shaunie’s split up. But that’s neither here nor there.

Players, er, playettes? set to appear on the new show are ex-NBA player Doug Christie’s wife, Jackie, who is supposedly the Shaunie O’Neal of the cast; and Kimisha Hatfield, who’s married to Ron Artest, will round out the drama. Lamar Odom’s ’s ex Liza Morales was offered a spot, but that didn’t go through. You’d think she’d have taken it since she’s in the middle of a book deal, eh?

This isn’t the only thing Govan has going on. She and her sister Laura Govan have been actually shooting their own show as well.