ios alerts

*So I know I haven’t written anything in a while regarding gadgets. I can’t really explain why. Maybe I wasn’t inspired to discuss anything because I really felt there was nothing to really discuss.

Despite my three month love affair with Android, I really kept to myself. No big announcements because well. I was waiting for this day..

Today comes with a bit a joy, and a bit of pain. For the last three years I have been faithful to the iPhone. I have enjoyed waiting in line to get the latest and greatest model. I have also enjoyed watching the keynotes to be surprised and wowed at the latest version of Apple’s golden child, the iPhone.

Unlike the previous 4 years, Apple has decided not to unveil its newest rendition of the ever popular device. But Why? There have been many rumors, but I just want to believe that Apple has to be working on something relatively big for its next release.
Unfortunately, for us, we won’t know much about that until the fall, which is gonna seem like forever to wait…

But inside the disappointment of no new hardware announcement, there still was a new software announcement that made up for the disappointing blow to the head.. sorta.. iOS5.

For five years, Apple has made history with their device. They’ve become industry innovators for some of their features and remodeling specialist for revamping their systems to meet the needs of the current market place.

iPhone has set the standard for functions on the instance in copy and paste. Although this wasn’t released until the third reiteration of the software, Copy and Paste on the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to grab and paste things on any mobile device

iOS 5 continues to smooth out the rough edges on the iPhone. New functionality like Notifications Center, iMessage, and iCloud makes this upgrade one of the most appealing since iOS 4.0

As always Apple is sure to stick it to it’s competitors and with its recent announcement of its cloud based services. Not only will listeners be able to use iCloud to keep all of their devices in sync with music, iCloud will also be available for all programs including applications. No more painful syncing all of your idevices for to make sure they are up to date. No more having to go home to update, no more connecting to a computer to received the latest updates.. now all you do is Sync and Go…Dope

Darryl Yates ([email protected]) is freelance writer that writes for various publications. In addition to writing he also owns and operates Gadget Guy Consulting, a technology based firm. He enjoys educating people and helping them sync technology with their lives.