Marcus 'Big Spence' Spencer

*His story would make an excellent movie.

Marcus Spencer’s (Big Spence) quintessential upbringing started in Oakland, CA. He grew up in Oakland as well as Richmond, two northern California urban cities with many roads to take (the majority being bad).

Big Spence was the third of six boys from his mom. He became a “ward of the court” at a young age before his grandmother (who sacrificed so much for him) took him in. He spent little time with his mother (the last 2-years of high school) and during her last days (7 months) where Marcus took care of his mother and those last days stretched into years (7 to be exact). He knows the price of sacrifice as well, when he did not take a football scholarship as he was responsible to his mother and younger brother.

He knew it wasn’t the right time for that however he did continue his schooling by attending a Junior College at that time Marcus chose not to smoke, drink alcohol or take any drugs, not even experimentally as a matter of fact he was an advocate against it. He had seen the effects first hand and came up with the concept “why try something that you could get addicted to.” He has 32 paternal brothers and sisters. His father (with whom he had an estranged relationship at best) passed away when he was 18. His mother passed away four years later. At that time, on his own with no mother and no father, what he did have was a “praying grandmother.”

At 22 years old he took in his 14 year old brother (who is 19 now). Out of all that adversity that he was exposed to growing up, it is essential to know that he saw bad many people go down easier, more dangerous roads but Big Spence chose the road less traveled.

Big Spence has always been the epitome of a hard-working man. He also played semi-pro football for a while. Big Spence worked “regular jobs” for a while. At 18 he was a manager at IHOP, at 20 he was the Athletic Director at a public middle school at the same time he coached a championship football team (Albany Bobcats) and sixth grade girls softball team with his uncle (Willard Middle School), at 22 he was the manager at Budget Rent-A-Car. There is a series of events leading to the culmination of his acting career. But that is another story.

While on set of his first film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Marcus was christened with the name “Big Spence” when Academy Award Nominee Will Smith took notice of his determination. Although Big Spence has gone from a 52 jacket to a 44, he still proudly uses that tag. Big Spence has a firm philosophy that you should be smarter tomorrow then you were today and for that reason he is forever trying to learn more especially when it comes to his career.

Since Big Spence has started his career in 2006 his has worked with many big names from directors Taylor Hackford (Love Ranch), Bennett Miller (Capote), Deon Taylor (Chain Letter) and many actors Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Omari Hardwick (Everyday Black Man), Kurt Fuller (The Prankster), Brian Hooks (Basketball 3:16), Terrence Howard (On the Road), David Duchovny (Californication) and many more. He has also won the “Be that Kid Celebrity of the Year 2010 “award Big Spence is not your average leading male size (5’8”-6’1” and 30” to 38” waist) so he had to figure out how to become that man.

Big Spence was on set of “Four Christmases” with 6’5” Vince Vaughn (who is clearly too tall for leading male). He talked with him asking Vince, “How did you become a leading male when you are out of the box?” Vince told him that he produced the film “Swingers” and made himself a lead. Once people see you as a lead they’ll then hire you as a lead.

Big Spence took that information to heart and that’s when Touch the Heart Productions (TTHP) came about. TTHP is a Christian Production Company that Big Spence has created to produce Christian films. The first film that was created was “Milk Money” directed by Samm Styles and is set to come to DVD Fall 2011 where he breaks the typical “leading man” mold. He is currently in pre-production of “The American Dream. With talent and big dreams his preeminence is unsurpassed. We look forward to watching this star reach even higher. This is the story of growing up Big, Big Spence that is.



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