*Since Ja Rule’s lock-up, rumors have spread that his family is going to be on the street with nothing left.

But his wife, Aisha Atkins, says that’s not true. Although the rapper will be incarcerated for two years for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a charge he received back in ’07, she says the family is well taken care of.

“He did leave us well off,” Aisha told TMZ. “All of the rumors about Ja being broke are far from true… Ja made sure… that me and my kids wouldn’t need anything as far as income goes. He planned well before he went in. We won’t be bad… even for a little bit-that was Ja’s first priority as a man who makes sure his family comes first.”

Back when the sentence was set and he was getting ready to go, he told the media that this is the worse time for him to be sent off because his kids need him the most.

“My daughter, she’s 15 right now,” he said. “These are her last couple of years. She’s about to graduate from high school, and she’s going to college. She needs her father. My boys really need me right now too, as well as my wife. They need Daddy, and Daddy f—ed up.”