*Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond has been caught and is now pleading not guilty in response to a drug trafficking charge.

The always-in-trouble music executive had been on the run for a month. He was finally apprehended in New York City on Tuesday and won’t be released.

The manager and CEO of Czar Entertainment is being accused of leading a coast-to-coast drug organization, which transported cocaine and other drugs between L.A. and New York.

His lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman is claiming the case has no merit.

“This indictment was built on the backs of witnesses that have been threatened and bribed by federal prosecutors. And I plan to expose all of it. If the government wants a fight, they’re going to get a fight,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

But Rosemond isn’t making things better. When he was arrested, authorities found him in possession of a “fugitive kit” consisting of five blackberries, two fake driver licenses and an iPad. The judge denied him bail.

Prosecutors stated at the arraignment Tuesday that Rosemond purchased a plane ticket to the Bahamas and was in the middle of obtaining a fake passport. He was scheduled to leave June 24.

In addition to his drug troubles, the CEO is also being blamed for hiring a “hitman” to assassinate or scare (the motive is unknown) Tupac in 1994.