*Keke Wyatt whose album “Unbelievable” dropped yesterday, June 14, says this third project is a happy, yet sad occasion.

“I’m happy and sad because the music was leaded a couple of days ago. They think we suppose to sing for free, but ain’t nobody out there flipping burgers for free.”

Perhaps an underrated artist, Wyatt made her debut back in 2001 with her gold-selling album, “Soul Sista,” winning the hearts and ears of some loyal fans.

She soon began to rise to stardom and began to make her mark in the industry.

But behind closed doors, all the glitter wasn’t gold. She was actually a part of a extreme domestic abuse situation at the hands of her ex-husband and manager. Things got so out of hand it ended up in a stabbing incident where she faced 10 to 20 years in prison.

But all of that is behind her. She divorced the man and moved her four kids to Atlanta. She is now remarried, in love, and is still feeling the glow from her recently birthed son.

“Going from a miserable and abusive relationship for 10 years from the age of 18 to 28 is kind of a drag,” Keke told Sister to Sister. “I really didn’t have things to sing about that was happy. Then I was just singing songs that were available.”

Things have changed for her, though.

“Now I’m writing. And sometimes I’m not necessarily going back to where I was, but I’m able to get it out now. It’s like a release for me. So, I’m able to release some of that horrible mess that I went through, and now I’m happy.”

Her new album is sure to capture the true Keke Wyatt, with collaborations with Ruben Studdard and beautiful covers of old classics. The new project is definitely a transformation with a spiritual yet sexual touch, but she says that’s the way God made it.