*La Toya Jackson’s tour to promote her book “Starting Over” stopped at CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Tuesday, where the celeb recalled a story about her famous sister Janet’s defiant attempt to avoid charm school.

According to La Toya, their mom Katherine thought Janet was too much of a tomboy and attempted to enroll her in etiquette classes.

“Janet’s more on the tomboyish side – I was never that way,” La Toya told Piers. “She used to really get angry when we were younger and our mother would say, ‘You have to go to etiquette school’, and she would go, ‘It’s all your fault, because of you I have to go to etiquette school – you act too much like a girl!’ She was so defiant – she did not want to go.

“I have this memory in my head about Jan. We took her to this school and my mother was driving, Jan was in the back of the Mercedes, and the minute my mother got out the car to open the door – Jan locks the door, locks my mother out, props her foot against the door and holds it like, ‘You are not going to get me out of this car!’

“She refused to go to etiquette and charm school, she didn’t want that.”

Below, La Toya tells Morgan about her former husband and how he controlled her.