*Forbes released a new list of well-paid celebrities. This time the many who are the best-paid under 30.

Among the richest, Lady Gaga raked in an estimated $90 million, Beyonce, Rihanna and Lil Wayne all made the list with a combined total of $79 million.

Of course the list could not be complete without tween heartthrob, Justin Bieber, who is the youngest.

By the way, Bey is the eldest of them all with a low $35 million. And according to Forbes, the number is particularly low due to her spending most of her time on the road and recording her new album. Most of her earnings come from other ventures like her fashion label Dereon and promotional contracts with LOreal and DirecTV, and others.

Rihanna earned the no. 11 spot with $29 million thanks to her recent release, “Loud.”

And Lil’ Wayne scratched for the bottom spot, earning $15 million, but that is possibly due to him being locked up for a while.

Forbes Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30:

1. Lady Gaga, $90 million
2. Justin Bieber, $53 million
3. LeBron James, $48 million
4. Roger Federer, $47 million
5. Taylor Swift, $45 million
6. Katy Perry, $44 million
7. Cristiano Ronaldo, $38 million
8. Beyonce Knowles, $35 million
9. Lionel Messi, $32 million
10. Rafael Nadal, $31 million
11. Rihanna, $29 million
12. Dwight Howard, $28 million
13. Dwyane Wade, $26 million
14. Carmelo Anthony, $25 million
15. Maria Sharapova, $24 million
16.-17. Kristen Stewart, $20 million; Robert Pattinson $20 million
18.-21. Carrie Underwood, $15 million; Miley Cyrus, $15 million; Lil Wayne $15 million