*You know who is underrated? Solo artist and lead singer of the award-winning R&B group, After 7, Kevon Edmonds. Kevon has one of the most recognizable voices of this decade. With hits like Ready or Not, Can’t Stop, Nights Like This, 24/7, No Love, and most recently Oh, he should be in the spotlight and featured on many songs of other artists. Look out for him, he’s probably coming to a city near you. You can read more about Kevon at www.kevonmusic.com.

You know who is making a comeback? Award-winning actor, activist and author Isaiah Washington. Isaiah Washington is remembered by many for his most recent role as Dr. Preston Burke on a hit television show. In addition, he starred in Clockers, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Out of Site, Love Jones and the Least of These, among other films. He has been tirelessly working for the people of West Africa after discovering his genetic link to the Temne and Mende people there. He is passionate, focused and talented. Isaiah recently released a book called, “A Man From Another Land” chronicling his life’s journey. You can read more about Isaiah at www.gondobaymangafoundation.org.

You know who is strong? Certified life coach and author of “I Want My Vagina Back!” Dr. Pam Love. She overcame extreme adversity in her childhood to get her Ph.D., raise three amazing children, teach at the college level and write a life changing book that has begun the women’s movement of this generation. Her empowering message of making decisions to protect your future and not your feelings is changing lives one woman at a time. You can read more about Dr. Love at www.iwantmyvaginaback.com.

You know who is funny? Comedian and businessman Kevin Hart. He has been on his hustle for a while now and it has finally paid off for my fellow Philadelphian. His delivery of real life situations, many of which he has experienced is simply side splitting. While I’m sure his experiences have caused him much angst growing up, I applaud him for using his journey to teach and bring laughter to those who are in need of it. I have to give a quick shout to one of his opening comedians, Spank, who I’m sure I’ll be writing about soon. You can read more about Kevin at www.khartonline.com.

You know who is on the “Grind”? Reality star and author, CJ Miller. Having left a comfortable life in Ohio to pursue a career in Los Angeles, CJ faced many challenges, disappointments and setbacks along the way. However, his commitment was solid. He strategically networked himself to the likes of Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher within a few months, and ended up on True Beauty and later on Donald Trump’s Ultimate Merger. CJ is now imparting his “grind” mentality on commitment, endurance and the pursuit of a dream in his new book “Grind: How to Turn Your Coffee Break Into Your Big Break”. You can read more on CJ at www.askcjmiller.com.

You know who is a rising star? The young triple threat entertainer Lil Elijah J. The teenage Michael Jackson phenom is stepping into the spotlight. Having been chosen out of 8,000 kids to play the young Simba in Disney’s North American tour of The Lion King, released a  single, Let Me Do My Thang, that received over 100,000 hits in just a couple of weeks. He’s humble, enthusiastic and hungry to be excellent in his craft. Look out for his upcoming album. You can read more about Elijah J at www.lilelijahj.com.

You know who is a worthy of fulfillment and happiness? The uniquely gifted reader of this article, YOU. While I don’t know your story, I’m sure you have one. Whether you’re in a corporate job, an entrepreneur, or in transition, you have a talent that the world needs. You may be an overcomer of adversity or life may have been pretty peachy thus far. You could be living your dreams or afraid to step out. No matter what your situation, you deserve to be happy if your are willing to draw it to you. Be nice. Think positively. Live true.

You know who is grateful for your support? The brand strategist and live your truth specialist, ME. Thank you and God Bless!

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a communications and brand management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected]. Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and www.Facebook.com/monicahairstoncost.