Jerry B. Long aka: Kokane

*When superstar Rap artists from every region of the country are looking for a particular sound for their recordings, there is one voice, one artist that must be considered…. “KOKANE” aka “JERRY B. LONG”

Artists such as DR DRE, BUSTA RHYMES, SNOOP DOGG, E-40, TOO SHORT, 50 CENT, P DIDDY AND GEORGE CLINTON are just a few of the acts who have turned to “KOKANE” / “JERRY B. LONG” to grace their tracks with his unique sound throughout the years.

“KOKANE” / “JERRY B. LONG” holds the title of “THE MOST FEATURED ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF RECORDED MUSIC” and his voice has blessed the radio airwaves for over 15 years selling millions of records in the process.

Currently, “KOKANE” / “JERRY B. LONG” is preparing to release two very special albums that will hit the streets by the end of this summer on his new record label called “BUD E BOY ENTERTAINMENT” who he  co-owns with his business partner ROB RACKS. The label is based in Seattle Washington and the two owners have been quietly laying the ground work for their new corporation during the past 18 months.

The first release will be the street-edged album by “KOKANE” entitled “THE LEGEND CONTINUES” that will give die hard “KOKANE” fans and new listeners a bucket full of FUNK MUSIC with THOUGHT PROVOKING LYRICS. The second project is entitled “IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD” and it is basically an “R&B/SOUL” album that combines some Old School & New School elements. This set will come out under the artist name of “JERRY B. LONG”.

The reaction to both projects has been INCREDIBLE! Multi-Platinum artists CHRIS BROWN, CEE-LO GREEN and GIPP GOODIE of THE GOODIE MOBB recently heard the two albums and they were BLOWN AWAY by what they heard.

The executives at BUD E BOY ENTERTAINMENT are anticipating finishing both projects by the end of the summer and they hope to have product on the streets by September 2011. “KOKANE” is also in the process of filming several new videos that will help launch the projects. “KOKANE” is also in the planning stages of filming his own reality show based upon his rise in the recording industry.

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Stan Sheppard
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