Mike Tyson arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. "The Hangover Part II" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on May 19, 2011 in Los Angeles.

*Mike Tyson, Spike Lee and John Ridley are joining forces for an HBO drama project that takes a loose look at Tyson’s early years in the boxing ring.

The project, titled “Da Brick,” also has “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin and his producing partner Jim Lefkowitz on board. Lee is set to direct with Ridley set to write and executive produce. It will be set in Newark, N.J., which carries the nickname “Brick City.”

As “Entourage” is inspired by producer Mark Wahlberg’s life, this project, still in development, will reflect aspects of Tyson’s upbringing, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It marks the latest in a string of Hollywood projects for Tyson, who appears in the “Hangover” franchise as well as Animal Planet’s “Taking on Tyson.” Last season, he added a cameo on “Entourage” to his resume.

For his part, Ellin has a comedy vehicle with Ed Burns set up at HBO and will wrap up “Entourage” after eight seasons later this summer. Lee, too, is no stranger for the premium cable net, having produced and directed a series of New Orleans documentaries, “When the Levees Broke” and “If God Is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise.”