*Over the weekend, it was erroneously reported and rumored that Nivea crashed her car while driving drunk. Well the DUI stuff wasn’t so much true, but she almost lost her life in the horrific crash.

The singer said the accident was caused by a downed tree that was poorly blocked off. She said authorities only set up a few “kids’ soccer cones” in front of the tree that was “the size of a house.” She added a bit of caution tape was wrapped around it.

In addition to those conditions, it was pitch black outside.

“Once I spotted [the tree]-after I cut on my brights,” Nivea, 29, explained, “I was running into it at that the point. It was too late.”

When asked if she had some alcohol in her system, she admitted she did have one glass of wine at Toya Carter’s reception on Saturday night. Others vouched for her saying she didn’t seem intoxicated before she left the event.

“My friends that I was with would not have even allowed me to drive if I was drunk,” Nivea said. “There was an ignorant mistake. There was an old bottle [of alcohol] in the back of my car that they found, which is why people were spreading the rumor that it was a DUI.”

However, an empty bottle was found in her car, which may cause police to push forward with a DUI charge. She did offer to take a breathalyzer test.

Nivea also disputes a report by gossip site Bossip that she got loud with Atlanta police and cussed them out. She says just the opposite: she was very calm with them and cooperated. But she couldn’t help but be a bit shaken up by the incident.

“The tree went through my windshield and almost went through me,” Nivea revealed. She told S2S magazine that had she not moved to check on her child, a branch from the tree would have gone straight through her forehead.

She suffered a head injury, but all is well now.