*It’s funny how things work out. Isaiah Mustafa is more of a success today promoting deodorant than he was as an NFL player. He’s certainly have attained a more visible spotlight than he did when he was bumbling his way on the football field. Now that he’s gotten a taste of fame on the acting tip, Mustafa is looking for a little bit more.

After going from has-been as a football player to instant fame through the many Old Spice commercials that have plastered its way across television sets across the country, Mustafa is looking to become a black superhero. With the wave of white superheroes being thrust upon us, it’s good that Marvel has decided to bring to life the story of Luke Cage, better known to comic book readers as Power Man.

When Marvel do come around and bring its calling card, Mustafa is ready. The story of Cage is that he is a black man sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He is freed on the condition of becoming a human guinea pig for a project that sought to cure all illness, but instead gave him super-human strength and super-tough skin.

Mustafa was asked which comic book hero he’d most like to play, didn’t mince words in an interview earlier this year, and said, “Luke Cage.”

Mustafa is so hungry to this dream to come true that he went out and shot a trailer presenting himself as Cage.