*Churches seem to be doing all the wrong things lately, from settling sex lawsuits to telling folks to prepare for the rapture. one church pastor is falling in the same vein and worse.

The Associated Press reported that a who woman says she was sexually assaulted as a teen was told by the pastor of her church told her to forgive and forget instead of doing what the law required: report it to authorities.

The woman’s allegation surfaced after a recent trial during which a New Hampshire prosecutor suggested the same pastor, the Rev. Chuck Phelps, didn’t do enough to help a rape victim.

Phelps, former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Concord and now a pastor at a Baptist church in Indianapolis, said through his lawyer, David Gibbs III of Florida, that he will cooperate with investigators.

The new accusations were lodged with police by a 34-year-old woman who says her stepfather repeatedly molested her from 1994 to 1996. She said she was 17 and a junior at Trinity Baptist Church’s high school when the assaults began. She left her home in Warner in 1996, when she was 19.

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