*Diva Patti LaBelle filed a countersuit against a West Point cadet who claims he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by the singer’s bodyguards in Houston at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

According to the original suit filed by Richard King a month ago, LaBelle ordered her three guards to beat him up.

But according to the latest complaint, the King hurled racial slurs at the singer, attempted to attack the guards, and even tried to enter her limousine. It also says the vacationing King was intoxicated.

A surveillance video from the airport shows the 23-year-old being pushed and punched by two men and a woman alleged to be LaBelle’s bodyguards.

Although King’s attorneys deny the young man was intoxicated, they admitted he was drinking on the flight to Houston.

“Several eyewitnesses saw and clearly heard the incident. The counter claim is completely without merit,” Kings attorneys said in a statement.

The case, however, has been taken up to the federal court level. The initial police investigation named King as the suspect, but since the lawsuit was filed, further investigation is underway.