*Chris Brown alerted his fans via Twitter this week about a possible prequel to the movie “Takers.”

He wrote, “S/O 2 every1 watching Takers … talked studio into writing a PREQUEL..”

However, there is no real backbone to Brown’s announcement. The producer of the original film, Will Packer, neither confirmed nor denied the next movie.

He said in a follow-up tweet, “guess it’s time 2 go 2 work again *puts down margarita *.”

This isn’t the first time talk about a prequel came up. Last summer producer and co-star T.I., Brown and actor Michael Ealy talked about the possibility before the film premiered.

“I just wanna see how this eclectic group of people got together… It’s interesting. We talk about back-story [a little bit] but how did this British guy, this guy from the South and this surfer guy, how did they all come together to form this crew?” Ealy discussed with MTV News. “That’s going to be interesting to see, it all comes together.”

“There are definitely whispers around the studio about that… Some phone calls have been made about that. But ultimately, it depends on what happens on August the 27th,” said T.I.

Aug. 27, 2010 was the movie’s release date and it did well, making more than $20 million during opening weekend and grossed triple that overall. Given the film’s popularity, a prequel is definitely worth looking into.