Flo Rida mug shot

*Flo Rida was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Miami Beach this morning after police spotted him swerving his $1.7 million Bugatti across lanes at around 3.30 a.m., reports TMZ.

Sources told the website that the rapper, born Tramar Dillard, had a blood alcohol level of .185, more than double the legal limit,.

According to the police report, a large crowd gathered around the artist after cops had pulled him over. Several bystanders were trying to get officers to let the rapper go, and some individuals were offering to drive Flo home.

When one officer attempted to conduct a “walk the line” test, the 32-year-old said, “Officer I can’t do this. I don’t feel I can’t walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let’s try another test.” He later tried to convince the officer he was fit to drive, saying, “I can make it home.”

Flo Rida is scheduled to travel to Bangkok this week, where he is performing on Saturday (June 11). It is not clear whether the rapper’s arrest will affect his appearance at the gig.