Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley

*Late yesterday, Rohan Marley found himself backtracking his words, trying to clean up the mess had  made  earlier.

Just hours after tweeting that he isn’t married to Lauryn Hill and is not the father of her sixth child, according to, he quickly retracted his statement and claimed that his words were twisted.

In response to a tweet that said “What’s up wit @Romarley denying Lauryn Hill tho?” Marley tweeted: “I haven’t denied anyone, just somethings aren’t what they say…Respect to the mother of my children..everyone has rights. I got to be more careful about who I engage in a little conversation.. They’ll twist your words into their own meanings .. Well such is life.”
Now we’re confused. And to make things a little worse, he went back to erase the messages that sent up some red flags on the whole matter.

He then posted on his account, “I erase certain conversation because I didn’t see the necessity of having something on my timeline that created some confusion.. Let that be.”

Check out the tweets here.