*Most of us know that our beloved LA Laker, Ron Artest has some psychological issues.

We know  because you’ve observed him on the b-ball court overt the years and of course there was his shout out to his psychologist.

At any rate, the baller is going through a transformation. Are you ready? He’s changing his name from his government label from Ron Artest to …  to … Metta World Peace!

And if you’re wondering, Metta is said to be a Buddhist term for the virtue of kindness.

Artest filed a petition to change his name with the L.A. Superior Court just the other day. But now, according to TMZ, he will have to wait until August before he can officially call himself by his proposed new name – Mr. Metta World Peace – because that’s the earliest he can get in front of a judge.

As of now, the Lakers forward has a hearing scheduled for August 26 to make it legal, but check this out. According to the documents, anyone wishing to challenge Artest’s name selection can object in writing up until two days before the hearing.

Hopefully some mischief maker won’t get any crazy ideas and … well, you know. Soooooo when it’s official, he even plans to put his new last name, “Peace,” on his jersey.

Hey, if Ron Ron likes it, we like it.