sherri shepherd

*Sherri Shepherd shared some of her thoughts about reality TV, in particular, “Basketball Wives,” via Twitter. And Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman just had to say something.

Shepherd began with: “Watched ‘Basketball Wives’ last night  … I thought grown women fighting was a thing of the past. The last time I fought someone I was 16.”

“And the language the women use on the show … I’m not close to perfect with my language, but … the fact that promos continuously showed violent fighting btwn the women was disturbing. Uplifting = no ratings.”

She is obviously concerned about the image of women and black women in particular. She went on with her vent expressing her concern for the show’s influence on young girls. She then commented on DeShawn Snow’s dismissal from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the sale of Evelyn Lozada’s “You Are a Non F’N Factor…” shirts.

Now the chime ins didn’t turn out to be a beef like you are probably hoping for, but the reality TV “Basketball Wives” did have a few words to go along.

“Sherri has some good points I’m not mad at her 4 having her opinion. AND THERE YOU GO…DISCUSSION!,” Tami tweeted before sticking up for her show. “I respect @SherriE Shepherd & want her 2know we R good ppl caught @ certain moments of R lives that aren’t always favorable,” she also wrote.

Shaunie O’Neal went on to warn Shepherd not to judge too quickly and tom give season 3 of “Wives” a chance before she judges it.