sherry shepherd

*Lately Sherri Shepherd has been showing no mercy on those celebrities who have displayed some interesting behavior, to say the least.

She couldn’t hold back with her two cents  about Bishop Eddie Long’s out-of-court settlement with the young men who claimed he sexually coerced them.

The talk show host shared on “The View” that God’s man, a pastor, shouldn’t ever be in a trick bag like the one Long found himself in:

“If you are a man of faith, why would you settle out of court? If you have God and you have innocence, those are the two most powerful things you have. David fought Goliath and he won. So you know what that tells me? That tells me there was something inappropriate going on. Because you settled out of court. When you’re a pastor, and you say you have God in your life. If you are right, you are going to be vindicated. God is not going to let your church fall, and he is not going to let you go bankrupt. So when you settle out of court, it just says something was wrong. And it makes me very angry. She raises a solid point. But we can only imagine Long’s response might be something along the lines of, “God wouldn’t have provided good legal advice if he didn’t want me to use it.”

Check out the video: