star jones

*It’s been a long, hard season of work for celebrity Star Jones. So now it’s time for her to get a little vacation this Summer.

She recently wrapped up her fictional novel “Satan’s Sisters” a story about the backstage going-ons of a daytime talk show. On top of that, we can’t forget her impressive appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Oh the drama.

“I’m going to go to Europe in August. A friend of mine is doing a celebration cruise throughout the Mediterranean with 100 friends,” Star told during the 4th Annual Reginald F. Lewis Foundation Gala Luncheon in the Hamptons.

And rest is just what the doctor ordered. With all the stress she’s been going through lately, the getaway is exactly what she needs, especially after undergoing a life-changing heart surgery last year.

She said the experience was quite revealing.

“The doctors took my heart out of my chest for 22 minutes. It made me really appreciate life,” she said.

But while the rest is long overdue, she’s already lining up her work plans after the break.

What do you expect from a hard working woman?