*Living as a Christian in today’s society can be a challenge. But mirroring Christ in any business venture can be even more of a challenge, something Patrice Tsague is well aware of.

Tsague is a Christian business man, training believers to build kingdom businesses through his ministry known as the Nehemiah Project.

“It’s about Christians recognizing that their business is their platform for ministry. It’s their pulpit,” he explained.

Tsague says too many Christians leave their faith behind when operating in the business world.

“They have falsely concluded that business is about making money. My faith is about praying, going to church and doing all these Christian activities and not brought the two together,” he said.

Through his Biblical Entrepreneurship course, he teaches business leaders to use the Bible as a guide for exercising Godly stewardship.

“Business has gotten a bad reputation. It’s because people have chosen to use the wrong motivation and the wrong practices,” said Jerome Leonard, president of the Taylor Leonard Corporation.

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