*“I auditioned like everybody else,” said comedic actress Tichina Arnold about landing a co-starring role as Judi – with Fran Drescher – the only black cast member in the TV Land sit-com “Happily Divorced.” “I heard from her team… they liked me.”

“Happily Divorced” follows Los Angeles florist Fran, whose 18-year marriage ends when her husband announces he’s gay and can’t afford to move out. The TV Land sit-com, inspired by Drescher’s real life story, also stars John Michael Higgins as Fran’s gay realtor husband; Rita Moreno as Fran’s mother Dori; Robert Walden as her father Glen, and Valente Rodriguez as Cesar, her flower delivery guy.

“It was a relaxed set. Everyone was so cool and pleasing to work with,” Tichina said about her experience tapping the show. “It’s a good feeling to see that.” When asked about working with Fran Arnold said, “Fran mastered everything. She knows your lines and her lines. Fran is so down to earth…really, really smart.”

“Happily Divorced” is written by Drescher and Peter Marc Johnson (“The Nanny”) and it airs for ten weeks starting June 15, 2011 at 10:30 p.m./9:30 p.m. (Central) on TV Land.

Tichina, who is a two-time NAACP Image Award winning actress, said the only difference in being on the set of an all white cast than her normal setting of an all black cast (“Martin,” “Everybody Hates Chris”) is the humor.

“I like all types of humor,” Arnold pointed out. “The jokes are different…and her show is about her and a gay husband a far fetch from ‘Martin.’ This show has so many textures.”

Tichina has many textures too having appeared in television on “Ryan’s Hope,” “All My Children,” “The Cosby Show,” “Law & Order,” “The Norm Show,” “One on One,” “Brothers,” and “Raising Hope.” Her voice is heard in the animated series “American Dad” and “The Boondocks.”

In film Arnold has starred in The Lena Baker Story, Transformers 2, Dance Flick with the Wayans Brothers, Big Mamma’s House with Martin Lawrence, Civil Brand, Dancing in September, The Little Shop of Horrors and Wild Hogs.

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The essence of Jazz is what guitarist John Carey offers on ‘New Beginnings’

A seasoned guitarist John Carey is once again stepping out with another album, “New Beginnings,” on his own label GICO Music.

“I’ve been on this road for 25-30 years opening for so many people…a great journey,” John said about his career as a guitarist.

On the “New Beginnings” you will hear that journey in the form of a wide range of styles layered with that Jazz essence. John offers his skills as a Latin guitarist on one of my favorites on the album “The Rain in Spain” and as an R&B guitarist on another favorite “Step.” Carey even gives a bit of Rock guitar playing to make his guitar sing on yet another favorite cut “A Song for Gina.”

“I decided to throw in all my experiences,” John said when asked about the diversity in the sounds of his guitar on this CD. “I’ve recorded several albums that were projects for (other) companies – just work – this particular one…I am the most proud of.”

Proud he should be this album offers the best in Jazz guitar playing, not to mention the beautiful vocal support of his label-mate Gina.

“We are #1 on BET in the UK,” John informed me about the success of the album’s release so far. “And a DJ from Spain contacted for permission to play a song.”

For more information on John Carey or to hear a bit from the album log onto www.GICOMusic.fourfour.com.