beyonce and tina knowles

Tina Knowles and Beyoncé

*After all these years, someone leaked that Beyoncé’s mama just might be an on-set diva.

According to the NY Daily News, a source revealed that Tina Knowles was doing too much at the video shoot for “The Best Thing I Never Had” from Bey’s upcoming album “4.”

The insider source told the paper that she had four assistants, which referred to her only as “Miss Tina,” a requirement if they were to talk to her at all.

Last Thursday, the second day of the shoot, Tina reportedly lost her mind when Beyonce had a little too much downtime with the extras on set.

She “flipped out on the camera guys for making Beyoncé stand near the extras for too long” because Bey was talking too much with the help.

But the singer didn’t seem to mind, as she had others laughing with her memories of high school prom.

And what does Beyoncé’s camp have to say about this bit of gossip? Not much because they’ve refused to comment.