*Before Keri Hilson performed her latest single “Lose Control” on Thursday night’s live broadcast of “So You Think You Can Dance,” [scroll down to watch] the starlet admitted that she’d also love to put in work on another popular Fox television show.

“Whether it’s me on it, or whether they just do an episode where they cover a song, I would be so excited to be on ‘Glee,’ because I actually do enjoy the show,” she said, adding that most young folks in her profession can relate to the series.

“We’re pretty much all theater kids and appreciators of art. And ‘Glee’ is a very great take on what it’s like to be that kid; what it’s like to have a passion and to be looked at in some ways as an outsider, as an outcast,” she said. “But then they create this own community where it’s okay, and we’re displaying that to kids. Now they’re taking music programs out of schools, art programs out of schools. I think some kids that are watching are living vicariously through that, but they’re also seeing the importance to have an outlet. Not only do I enjoy it, I think it serves a great purpose for our youth.”

As for her latest album “No Boys Allowed,” Hilson says she still finds herself having to clarify the title.

“It doesn’t mean that I like girls,” she explains with a laugh. “It’s kinda like a new age girl power thing. It’s just saying, ‘Look, we deserve men, not boys.

“It wasn’t designed to push fellas and guys away. It was designed to first of all show women what we deserve, and teach us to stop tolerating BS,” she says. “I wanted guys to know the difference, to know what we really like, to know what we really think and feel about certain things and to just stop it, you know. Women, if we tolerate it, they’ll give it to us.”

In the audio bonus below, Hilson tries to justify her expensive shoe habit, which at one point saw her shell out $2,000 for a pair.

Keri Hilson on her expensive shoe habit by CherieNic