*In the wake of her sub par and canceled performances, one might pause and give credence to a report that Whitney Houston is suffering from early stages of emphysema … even if that report came from the National Enquirer.

“She’s developed emphysema — and her doctors are warning her she’ll die a horrible death,” a friend of the singer told the Enquirer.

Well, if you’re hoping the Enquirer got it wrong (again), you’re right according to Whitney’s spokesperson Kristen Foster who told E! that the story is “completely untrue.”

The Enquirer'[s story says medical professionals told Houston, 47, that if she does not completely kick her smoking habit, the disease will take her life. But Houston supposedly wasn’t cool with ditching the cigarettes, and the task of weaning the singer off them has fallen to her 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina who is supposedly recovering from her own substance addictions.

In early April, Houston canceled several of her European tour shows due to a respiratory infection.