*Shock jock website WorldStarHipHop.com celebrated its 6th year with a banging party at the Kings of Diamonds strip club in Miami as hip hop stars Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Jeezy stopped by to congratulate WorldStar founder Lee “Q” O’Denat.  

“It was a good feeling to see KOD transformed into a WorldStar anniversary party,” O’Denat said. “Each year it seems like we grow bigger and we get more international as we go. It’s the number one hip-hop site and urban site for about two years now.”

The celebration bash was just that as Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy made it rain with over $250,000 in single dollar bills. WorldStar’s claim to fame since its inception has been producing X-Rated music videos and violent street brawls.

“It was a risk we took back then,” said O’Denat. “Not everyone followed our lead but hip hop was known to be risk takers. We say what’s bold. We keep it real. We keep it 100. WorldStarHipHop, we definitely keep it 100.”

WorldStar generate more than two million hits a day, and has sparked much
dialogue about the current conditions in Black America. Although a lot of
the criticism surrounding WorldStar’s content is negative, the founder wants to expand his brand. .

“We’re looking to keep growing we have the WorldStar Agency which is doing very well as far as booking artists, models and doing event tours,” he said. “It’s definitely growing. It’s not just a Website now. A lot of Websites today are thinking about ‘wow, it’s not just a Website’ when you come up with a brand like a Viacom.”