Yolanda Adams performs during A Celebration of Life and Reception for John Cossette at the Staples Center on May 7, 2011 in Los Angeles

*Gospel artist Yolanda Adams says she had to put recording on the back burner for several years as other business and career opportunities began crossing her path. And if a turkey burger hadn’t been simmering on the front burner, we may still be waiting for a new album from the teacher-turned-singer.

After securing her own syndicated radio show in March 2007, and launching a new clothing line, fragrance and real estate business, the Texas native looked up and discovered five years had passed since the release of her last studio album, “Day by Day.”

“I was having so much fun, I forgot about the music,” she tells EUR in an exclusive interview.

“Then finally, I was meeting with some of the executives at Walmart about a turkey burger that I’m developing for busy moms, and they said, ‘Well what about the music?’ I said, ‘Oh yeah. We should do that, huh?’”

Adams said they gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse, an album she would release on her own independent label, N-House Music Group, to be available exclusively in its stores nationwide.

So on May 3, Adams blessed her fans with “Becoming,” a disc filled with the same type of uplifting material that has driven her eight previous studio albums.

“My direction has never really changed, because I don’t think that you can really work gimmicks in gospel music,” she tells us. “With gospel music, there is this central theme that always comes around about the love of God, the love of Jesus and the power that you have through Jesus Christ. You don’t need a gimmick when you have that.”

“The more I grow and the older I get, the more I am enjoying my life and know how precious it really is,” she continues. “That’s what I wanted to convey in the music. You can live a wonderful life, you can love God with all your heart and you can love your husband or wife very passionately and have a balance in your life.  I live by balance.”

  • Below, Yolanda explains the inspiration behind her current single, “Be Still,” and the stunned reaction of her producers when she laid down the track.

Yolanda Adams discusses her single Be Still by CherieNic