*Aretha Franklin, along with countless others, has been long attached through her music to the Civil Rights Movement, hope and freedom. In a recent interview, the Queen of Soul described those times, the era of social change.

“In those early days, myself, Mr. Harry Belafonte and a young gospel singer with a terrific voice by the name of Queen Esther Marrow, did concerts with Dr. Martin Luther King,” she told McCleans magazine. “I was a teenage girl then, so naturally I was in awe of Dr. King and listened carefully to every word that he said. At that time, Respect became a civil rights anthem.”

The singer really shows her off her boldness in her recently released 38th studio album “A Woman Falling Out of Love” with a remixed sound on a track called “Sweet Sixteen” which was originally recorded by B.B. King.

Also on the album, fans can find the recorded “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” she sang at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

“When I recorded the song, I thought of that great, powerful moment. Who could forget it? It will never happen again in history-he paved the way,” she says proudly. Asked how she feels Obama’s team is doing so far, Franklin answers in a protective tone. “I think that he has been doing the very best that he can, with everything that can be done with what was left when he came into office. You see, the country was having problems long before he got there.”

Further, she talked about the lead role in her biopic.

“I do have approval over who is going to play me,” she says. “Ms. [Jennifer] Hudson and Fantasia are two of the people being considered but Halle Berry is back in the game!” she says excitedly. “I just saw her at the curtain of Oprah’s farewell event and she let me know that she still wants to play the role and she didn’t know that she wasn’t expected to sing. I told her, ‘No, we never expected you to sing, we already knew you weren’t a singer!’ However, I do think she could pull it off.”