*Cedric the Entertainer is about to get his Wayne Brady on as host of NBC’s new game show “It’s Worth What?” where players who hope to be successful must have a good sense of what expensive items cost.

A million dollar grand prize is on the line as contestants, in pairs, must spend five rounds placing items in the correct order from least expensive to most expensive.  Those who play a perfect game could bank up to $100,000 before the final round – where contestants can win up to ten times their bank amount.

In the last round, the pairs are given four collectibles, and Cedric brings out four collectibles of his own. One at a time, contestants must pick items from their stash that cost more than an item in his group.

  • In the bonus audio below, Ced gives an example of how the final round could lead to a $1 million payoff.

Ced the Entertainer explains final round of It’s Worth What? by CherieNic

“We have some really interesting items,” Ced said during the teleconference heard above. “I mean in the description of the show it’s like those hidden gems all of us hope or think we have when we’re cleaning grandma’s old chest. We think oh man, what if I look up and have a pearl necklace from the Titanic or something?

“And we mix that in with new modern items — like a brand-new Bugatti sports car comes out on stage. Some people who’ve seen it only in a magazine, to be so up close and personal to it is exciting. I think that people would want to watch the show for that reason, just kind of finding out that curiosity of what things cost for real.”

“It’s Worth What?” premieres Tuesday, July 19 at 8 p.m. on NBC. Watch an extended trailer below.