*All Denzel Washington wanted to do was see one of his favorite groups perform.

He and other devotees of the Delfonics, including Debbie Allen and her sister Phylicia Rashad, came out to a club in Los Angeles recently where the legendary group was on a bill with other crooners from the era.

Washington arrived for his trip down memory lane, only to find out that the Delfonics would not be taking the stage.

In the exclusive audio below, Delfonics singer Norman Carter, who was pinch-hitting for original lead William Hart that night, explains how the Oscar winning actor became Capt. Save-A-Show by reaching deep into his own pocket to handle what the promoters that night did not…and still haven’t.

Norman Carter of the Delfonics on Denzel Washington’s Surprise by CherieNic

Below, Norman Carter in action on June 11, 2011 at Banning Landing Community Center in Wilmington, Calif.