*It’s been five years since Gayle King started hosting her own show on BFF Oprah Winfrey’s XM/Sirius satellite radio channel , and the thing she still loves most about her daily experience is the fact that both the show and its year-long simulcast on OWN is all-the-way live.

“Live television really is like working without a net. I love that whatever happens, happens. You can’t take it back,” King told us. “In the moment, you have to figure out a way, ‘Can I course correct it, or can I just keep it moving?’ There’s something very thrilling about knowing that at any moment, things can go to hell in a hand basket. I like that. I like the edge of knowing that. You have no control over what people are saying.”

In the bonus audio below, Gayle talks about the current polarizing political climate and the pride she takes in providing a place where the left and right can discuss issues without it resorting to screaming matches.

Gayle King on keeping things civil when discussing politics on her show by CherieNic