Big Spence

*Big Spence, graduate of the Sacramento area’s Del Campo High (DC) in 2002 is back in town working on the new feature film Ivy. Many of you know him as Marcus Spencer, football phenom from DC but now he goes by ‘Big Spence’ christened with the name by non other than 4 time Grammy-Award Winner and 2 time Oscar Nominee Will Smith.

Big Spence has worked on many films in Los Angeles, Michigan and abroad, not to mention he produces his own Christian films as well thru his own Christian production company ‘Touch The Heart Productions’ (TTHP). He is gracing the streets of Sacramento, where he hasn’t been in a couple of years, back when he worked with writer/director Deon Taylor (The Hustle, Chain Letter). Big Spence will be working with the amazing writer/director John Kenneth Wagner on his 50’s piece Ivy.

Ivy takes place in 1955, where the Civil Rights Movement began. That’s where not only was racism alive but it was no secret and definitely on the forefront. Ivy show’s that no matter how much one is push, pulled, stretched or bent, the resilience never fails. Ivy is played by Sacramento’s own Voress Franklin. Voress was here and witnessed the “Civil Rights Movement,” first hand and will definitely be bringing some of her real life emotions to the screen.

Big Spence will be playing the role of ‘Thomas Brown,’ a loving husband that would do any and everything to avenge his almost beaten to death wife even if it means killing the regional chapter leader of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) . That’s right, there are many ups and downs that go on with Ivy and Thomas does what any husband would do and by any means necessary. Big Spence has worked with many of the already selected cast such as; ‘LaFonda Baker’ who worked together On the Road (Terence Howard/Kristin Stewart) which was also a period piece set in the 40’s and is slated for theaters in late 2011, ‘Ahku’ they worked together on Milk Money (DVD fall of 2011) & Everyday Black Man (Omari Hardwick/Tessa Thompson) which is on DVD and lastly Bennie Bell who worked together with Big Spence in Moneyball which stared Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman (coming to theaters on September 23, 2011).

John Kenneth Wagner, is the man behind the pin and the lens. John is very adamant about bringing Ivy to the eyes of the world. He just as Big Spence feels strongly about bringing more minorities to the film industry and making them powerful and not just the token. John is also executive producing the masterpiece and will be shooting entirely in Sacramento, CA with principal photography set to begin in late June 2011.

Big Spence started out doing bit parts, day player roles and now he’s producing his own films and also landing lead roles in other films. Just like the ivy plant, Big Spence is and attends to continue to grow, stretch and take over the film industry.

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