*The Bowling Hall of Fame might be inducting a new and quite unusual player, Lil Wayne. He joins an eclectic group of celebrities including Michael Jordan, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian , Bill Murray and Jeff Bridges who have all been nominated for a spot in the hall.

“Each of these 2011 candidates has had a significant impact in helping to keep bowling as one of the nation’s most treasured pastimes,” a spokesperson for the International Bowling Hall of Fame shared with All Hip Hop.

It’s unsure what this list of celebrities has done to contribute, but it is for sure that the rapper was invited to Chris Paul’s Celebrity Bowling Invitational in 2010.

In other celebrity news, Rihanna dethroned Lady Gaga as the Facebook queen with 40,523,918 friends while Gaga only has 40,514,982. Rihanna now is the official Queen of Facebook. Although she’s got the new title, her following is nothing in comparison to Eminem who reigns supreme at 43,232,641 friends and fans.

But Gaga still has the No. 1 spot on Twitter with 11,632,837 followers while Rihanna nearly has half.