Piers Morgan and Beyonce

*It seems that Ray Metoyer, a Atlanta based TV producer and blogger has a bone to pick with CNN and Piers Morgan, reports Journal-isms.

Recently, Metoyer, who’s also a blogger for Cascade Patch, wrote how he doesn’t normally watch Morgan on CNN, but he caught their promo advertising an interview with Beyoncé, who is of course promoting her new CD, “4.”

However, during the interview itself, Metoyer says he was flabbergasted when “this moron asked her a question about her ‘booty’! I think TV viewers should rise up and make some righteous noise against this kind of ‘journalism.’ ”

During this well-advertised interview, Piers Morgan continued to interrupt her as she patiently answered questions. It was like he thought everyone was tuning in to listen to him ask questions, instead of her answers.

Some of his queries were interesting, but most were self-serving and just plain dumb.

For instance he even goaded her into saying that one of the best moments of her life was happening at that moment, as she was being interviewed by him. Huh!? Then he decided to see just how low he could go as they took a special ride in a limo, on their way to a store in London, to buy her latest CD.

“Tell me Beyoncé, how would you compare your “booty” to J-Lo’s (Jennifer Lopez).”

To Beyonce’s credit she was classy as she artfully dodged the question.

“You’re so crazy”, she said with a smile. “I love J-Lo and I’m not going to compare myself to her. She’s great”!

“But who’s got the best “booty”? He pressed again, while his crew showed a picture of Jennifer Lopez, focusing on her derriere.

“I’m not doing that, I don’t know… okay she does”, said Beyoncé as she laughed and looked out the window.

What was the point of that question? I don’t see racism under every rock, but at the very least it was sexism. Yet I wonder, if this white man would have asked Lady Gaga to compare her breasts to Madonna’s?

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Ray Metoyer