*African American civil rights organization ColorofChange.org on Wednesday joined the call for a Congressional investigation of phone hacking charges against the News Corp.’s U.K. newspaper unit and said that it will lead a protest outside the home of its chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch mid-day Thursday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Democratic senators Jay Rockefeller and Barbara Boxer earlier called on attorney general Eric Holder and Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Mary Schapiro to investigate whether News Corp, which also owns Fox News Channel, “violated United States law in allegedly bribing police officials to gain access to private telephone information and records.”

“Rupert Murdoch will do anything for a profit, from dividing Americans through race-baiting on Fox News to phone hacking in order to get viewers and sell newspapers,” said Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange. “We are standing up to say that we will no longer allow our communities to be attacked by a man more interested in profits than American values.”

ColorOfChange said it has petitioned Fox News boss Roger Ailes and Murdoch to fire Fox News and Fox Business Network personality Eric Bolling for “appealing to racial stereotypes” when he accused President Obama of “chugging forties” in Ireland and inviting “hoods to the hizzouse.” Bolling later apologized. The group said it sent Ailes more than 110,000 petitions last week.

The group said it will protest Murdoch and deliver a petition on Thursday on the sidewalk across the street from the media mogul’s Manhattan home, which it said is on 5th Avenue. It predicted that hundreds would show up for the protest.